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Vertical Blinds

Always in the right light



  • perfect for bay windows, gables, under archways or round and vaulted windows

  • benefit from an efficient privacy shield and glare protection

  • Using a computer-aided bending process, the guide rails are matched to the radius of the structural conditions so they fit with millimetre accuracy

kadeco-plissee-vs2-32075-22274-sonnenschutz-gelb-druck copy.jpg


  • flame-resistant and thus ideal for commercial applications

  • create the perfect lighting and working conditions in a pleasant atmosphere

  • tensioned slats are perfectly suitable for the roof lights 

kadeco-rollo-ebr-32509-innovativ-grau-druck copy.tif

Impressive Lighting

  • Clean lines, exciting angles and endless possibilities

  • fine adjustable privacy shield and glare protection for large windows,

  • flexible light control

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