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Venetian Blinds

Wooden - Felt - Aluminum

kadeco-jalousien-jo-10630-filigran-schwarz-web copy.tif


  • sturdy slats & very good fade resistance

  • maintenance without hassle

  • colour coordinated slats, cords and ladder tapes

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kadeco-jalousie-jhc-h21900-design-weiß-druck jpeg 25.jpg

Natural Beauty

  • warm, soft, sustainable and authentic wooden slat venetian blinds

  • textile look with designer felt venetian blinds for cozy atmosphere

  • retro charm with modern design and a contemporary finish

kadeco-plissee-vs2-32075-22274-sonnenschutz-gelb-druck copy.jpg

Timeless. Stylish. Classic. 

  • perfect light at any time of day

  • moisture resistant aluminum and customizable ladder-tape

  • exposed technology in retro look

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