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Roller Blinds

Fits your personal style


Seamless & Safe

  • easy installation options (including drill-free options)

  • cordless child-safe operation

  • integrated & motorized sun protection options available

kadeco-rollo-ebr-32509-innovativ-grau-druck copy.tif
kadeco-rollo-ebr-32509-innovativ-grau-druck copy.tif

Light Effects

  • adjust the amount of sunlight using smart technology

  • impressive 3D effects and light patterns

  • solutions for large panoramic windows 

kadeco-plissee-vs2-32075-22274-sonnenschutz-gelb-druck copy.jpg

Patterns & Functionality

  • decorative and effective privacy, glare and sun protection

  • sophisticated recess cassettes

  • easy operation even for large roller blinds 

kadeco-sichtschutz-s-32123-filigran-weiß-druck copy.tif
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