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Panel Tracks

The Design Technique

kadeco-rollo-ebr-32509-innovativ-grau-druck copy.tif
kadeco-sichtschutz-flv-35014-einzigartig-weiß-druck ALT copy.tif

Design meets functionality

  • high quality anodized hardware 

  • hidden carriages that move quietly in the running rails

  • cover large windows or divide a room


Let it be functional

  • motorization possibilities

  • arrange multiple panels

  • laser-cut with option for customizable lettering on panels

kadeco-plissee-vs2-32075-22274-sonnenschutz-gelb-druck copy.jpg

Create the design

  • contemporary design and perfect functionality

  • intuitive operation with smooth running panel carriages

  • large selection of colours & prints

kadeco-sonnenschutz-fvv-37711-37710-design-grau-weiß-druck copy.tif
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