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At Urban Berlin Design, we assist in the development of sustainable, resilient and energy efficient buildings.

We offer consulting services to architects, engineers, developers, builders and home owners, with the goal of designing and constructing a healthy, comfortable, resilient and high performing building.


The Objective

The objective is to support and work with the client, design, construction and certification team to achieve the desired certification.


The Process

Making smart decisions based on facts while keeping focus on the objective will be the way to success!

Developing strategies, implementing best practice and learnings form previous projects will help throughout the process of creating a sustainable, resilient and ultimately high permanence building.

Together as a team we have the ability to find the best solution that will elevate the project while keeping the focus on sustainability, constructibility and the most economical approach.


What we believe in

We believe that collaboration, paired with science-based facts in combination with know-how, passion and the willingness & flexibility to create better buildings can and ultimately will lead to achieving the goals of even the most ambitious and complex projects.

Our Journey

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